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With over 1000 graduates, worldwide, it's message of excellence in Pilates Certification remains legendary, and is the ONLY program based on the exclusive ownership of the Joseph Pilates Archives and the copyrighted Teacher Training Manual, written in collaboration with one of the most renowned, "Pilates Elders," considered Joseph Pilates' protégé' and one of his most highly respected Master Trainers.

The Authentic Pilates ™ taught in this Program remains the purest form of Pilates today, and honors the legacy of Joseph Pilates' teachings, mind/body/spirit philosophy, and this fitness pioneer's commitment to promoting and preserving vibrant health, improving and extending quality of life though an unwavering dedication to excellence.

Since 2006, this legendary Certification Program and complimentary Continuing Education Seminars and the groundbreaking Joseph H. Pilates Archival Seminars have been overseen and managed exclusively under the auspice of the United States Pilates Association ™, LLC (U.S.P.A.®). *

*IMPORTANT* If you are a graduate of the Program and your information is outdated or inaccurate, please let us know.

* United States Pilates Association® Exclusive Licensee

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