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WE have moved our New York Studio to a Newer, Bigger and Brighter space in Mid Town Manhatten. Our New Address is 311 West 43rd Street, Suite 405, NYC, NY 10036

"We will continue to work with Stamina Products and Richtone Design to produce excellent equipment; The New York Pilates Studio will focus on certifying the next generation of instructors in the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning that benefits clients around the world," said Sean Gallagher, Pilates, Inc.'s President. "Consumers lost out when the Court ruled that the word 'Pilates' and The Pilates Studio are generic for exercise instruction and equipment," Mr. Gallagher stated.

In the meantime, the public and our certified instructors should be aware of the following:

What does this mean for the public? The public must be put on its guard since:
  • Anyone can teach any exercises they wish and still call those exercises "Pilates" or the "Pilates Method"
  • Anyone can place the Pilates name on exercise equipment regardless of whether it has any relation to the equipment developed by Joseph Pilates
What does the Court's decision mean for The New York Pilates Studio?
  • We will continue our rigorous certification program, headed by Brett Howard, to ensure that our certified teachers give the best instruction to their clients, as has traditionally been associated with The New York Pilates Studio.
  • We will continue to work with Stamina Products and Richtone Design to see that the public gets high quality Pilates equipment based on Joseph Pilates' original designs at reasonable prices.
What does this mean if I'm a certified instructor?
  • Once the public learns that not all "Pilates" instruction is the same, it will look to the training and certification of instructors as a measure of their ability to teach. Those trained by The New York Pilates Studio and our students, our teachers of teachers, will benefit in the long run from their rigorous training
  • Customers who will pay upwards of $50 for a session will want the assurance that they are getting the best instruction available. Now that the bulk of our legal costs are behind us, Pilates, Inc. will be in a position to promote our certified instructors and their education as the best in the world.
Contact information: Call 800-474-5283 or (212) 245-8367 and or send e-mail to pilateslaw@aol.com.

We're so glad to welcome you to our web site.
This section is dedicated to the members of the Pilates Guild™, apprentices, teachers, and the public. We will bring you up-to-date and informative news about The New York Pilates Studio . In the near future, "What's New" will profile Teachers of Teachers, our Certification Centers and certified Guild Members.

What will we focus on?
"What's New" will be your source for information on seminars, new products, and marketing hints. As always, we welcome your suggestions.

Since the dawn of the new millennium, we've had lots of media attention.

We are featured in the March issue of Men's Health. thorough news report emphasizes the importance to its readers of seeking out you?- The New York Pilates Studio certified instructors, " The exact Pilates Method, however, is no longer trademarked so, if you want genuine "Pilates Method of Body Conditioning" as Joe taught it, look for an instructor with The New York Pilates Studio certification. Certification requires 600 hours of training, which covers instruction, how to use the equipment, and how to do the exercises properly."

We are constantly asked,"How did you grow so much in ten years?"
The growth that The New York Pilates Studio has experienced in the past 10 years has much to do with the vision of Director Sean Gallagher. Sean formalized the certification process and established training centers, books and helped to developed home equipment. But the most outstanding reason for our growth is growing corps of excellent and dedicated certified instructors who have demonstrated commitment to The New York Pilates Studio professional training program, just as Joseph H. Pilates wished it to be taught.

Certified Pilates Guild™ members are now over 400 strong.
As you know, certified members of the Pilates Guild™ carry on the very essence of Joseph Pilates and his life's work. We are dedicated to letting the public know of the demanding training program you have completed led by the teachers at The New York Pilates Studio, the legacy and continuation of Joe's original studio, our commitment to carry on Joe's work lives on in each of you.


A word from the Marketing Director

My first full exposure to The Pilates New York Pilates Studio was while I was doing marketing for the 1998 New Arts Festival in Fort Myers, Florida. Sean Gallagher in his role as a physical therapist accompanied the David Parsons Dancers who were in residence each morning in a Pilates Method mat class.

I asked Sean to do some New York Pilates Studio workshops for New Arts. The workshops were wonderfully attended, and contributed greatly to the financial success of the festival. I was so taken with the work via my participation and the excitement of the participants that, I wanted to get involved.

In my New York meetings with Sean, I experienced the power of his vision and dedication to Joseph H. Pilates' work. Sean introduced me to the rest of the people at The Studio, and I could see how much was being accomplished with the program. I couldn't resist getting involved.

Finally, I have had the pleasure to communicate with many of you. What an impressive group you are! Your excellence, dedication and perseverance to carry on Joseph's work, make me most excited about my work to be working with each of you.

Here's to each of you!